From Cold Springs – KOLLAPS “Mechanical Christ”


From the Cold Springs Bandcamp page…

For Australasian Customers:


29/08 @ Nalen Klubb, Stockholm 
w/ Hatari

21/09 @ Tower Transmissions VII, Dresden (DE)
w/ MZ.412, Burial Hex, Lydia Lunch & Marc Hurtado, Grim, Acherontas:

25/09 @ Magasin 4, Brussels (BE)
w/ Muckrackers

26/09 @ The Green Door Store, Brighton

06/10 @ Muziekcentrum Kinky Star, Gent (BE)

07/10 @ McDaid’s, Le Havre (FR)

10/10 @ Drone To The Bone Fest, Geneva (CH)


Introducing the Not So Chill page

Thanks for joining me!   Where the currently titled This is Chill and the Daily Chill covers chill related music and other sub genres that share its intent (chill and atmospheric) that isn’t included in the industry defined label, this page will share music that isn’t like that….thus the title.

It doesn’t mean this page is devoted to pushing everyone’s new rock n’roll, hip hop or pop act (especially if they’re averaging 60 million views).

Hope you click on this page and enjoy the generic set up with pre-shared quote.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton